At Nuressence, we keep it simple: one product = maximum one main ingredient. Thus, everyone is there and your well-being above all!

Nuressence is committed to offering products with complete transparency as to the composition of the products, their mode of action and their country of origin.

Our products come mainly from Tunisia, rich in untapped natural resources. We work with small producers and seek to highlight the craftsmanship of the country. Nuressence makes you travel through our natural and pure products.

Tunisia agricultural fields


Nuressence is a company that aims to present raw, pure, simple products with the aim of improving the comfort of people concerned about the health of their skin. Our products do not contain any additives and are not refined in order to offer you the best quality. Our products are packaged in France and validated by French regulations 🇫🇷 


Respect is an essential value for us. This value is the basis of the two others mentioned above. This is what motivates us to offer you quality natural products with total transparency.
Respect is global and concerns:

- You, since it is important to us that you can find complete satisfaction by using our products,

- Our suppliers to whom we are grateful, for all the work they do and because we could not offer you these products without them,

- The environment, which we want to preserve by using recycled packaging, reusable glass bottles and by being part of the concept of "zero waste".